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Robert was born May 12, 1952. He came to Mt.Pleasant 31 years and 10 months ago when he took a job with the Titus County Sheriffs Office working for Sheriff John Moss. When he left the Sheriffs Dept. he went to work for the County Attorney’s office where he was working at the time of his death. Robert was a good officer, he was there to back up his fellow officers in any situation, he was never afraid to do his job.He worked many hours undercover with other area agencies as well as our local law enforcement agency.Robert was loyal to his job, his fellow officers and his family and friends. He was honest to a fault. There will never be another man like Robert. He was definitely one of a kind. And he will be sorely missed. Robert saw much personal tragedy in his life and he handled it as only Robert could. Day by day with much grace and determination. Robert was a free spirit with a quirky sense of humor. He always had a quick come back that would have you rolling in the floor or just at a loss for words, yet tickled beyond belief. Robert had just purchase a marriage license, ordered a wedding cake, and spoke to a florist about a decorated archway as he had planned to marry Cheryl in about 2 weeks before the accident that claimed his life. Cheryl had brought the sparkle back into his eyes that had been missing since his beloved son, Randall,was killed in a car crash a couple of years before. He told me about 5 days before he died that he was ” Happier than he had ever been in his life “.He loved all his family and friends with a degree of strength, loyalty and humility that only a true friend of Robert would understand. Robert loved to ride his motorcycle. He loved his “Biker Buddies” and the freedom of the open road and God’s green earth and nature.The beauty of our land was never lost on him. When he wasn’t working he loved to throw on his “Biker Dud’s a Doo Rag” and ride. He loved to ride in Charity Rally’s and Poker Runs. And stopping for occasional Karaoke with his friends. He was a real hoot. Robert was a giving person, he was always there to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. So in death as in life, Robert helped several people who were in great need as he was an organ and tissue donor. I can tell you one thing whoever got his heart, got a heart of gold.For he was the best. Robert was preceded in death by his Mother, Billie J. Foster Arellano. His son Randall Arellano and a brother John Arellano. Surviving are his fiance’ Cheryl Nichols of Mt. Pleasant, Tx , a stepson Cory Dodd of Lubbock,a step-daughter Christy McCollumn of Mt. Pleasant, Tx a step grand-daughter Jordan West of Mt. Pleasant, Texas 2 sisters and their husband, Adela and Alfred Jones of Dallas, Tx and Virginia and Douglas Brown of Lubbock, Tx. many nieces and nephews. Funeral services were June,2,2010 at The First Baptist Church in Mt. Pleasant under the direction of Bates Cooper Sloan Funeral Home. The Titus County and Mt. Pleasant City Officer’s joined forces to stand Honor Guard over Robert’s Flag draped Coffin. Two members of the Biker Club he belonged to stood on either side of the Church door at full attention in full Biker Regalia presenting The United States Flag as hundreds of people filed into the church. After the service, many Police Officers and Bikers from around the State led the Funeral possession all caring American Flags from the Church to the Cemetery. As the Graveside service came to a close the Titus County Dispatch gave one final call to County “100” and Robert’s number was retired.

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